Admit Card – What is It ? Why should we use Roll No. Card ?

Know about Admit Card – Why do we use this document ? – What is its purpose ? – Define it – Get more information from below –

Q. What is the Admit Card ?

Answer – It is a document/ official paper which is used before any examination. Without it, no one can enter and take papers. Even if the exam supervisor or any other person has any doubt, he/she can create problem for you.

Q. What does Roll No. Card carry ?

Answer – Admit card carries candidates’ Roll No., his / her photograph, name of the examination centre, address/ venue/ place where the exam will take place. It also carries some instructions which the candidates must read before going for any exams.

Q. What formalities are needed to be done ?

Answer – Most of the times there should be the sign of the gazetted officer or some admit card needs self-attestation. Photograph should be new. It must resemble to your face ( it must be recognizable, supervisor, superintendent must not face any problem in matching you with your photograph otherwise you can face some problems. ). In some cases, the candidates must sign the photograph.

Q. What should be the conditions of the Admit Card ?

Answer – The admit card should be in good condition. It must not be torn off or distorted. It must be straight.

Q. When are the admit cards available ?

Answer – The admit cards are available to the candidates just 7 to 10 days prior to the exams. In some cases Roll No. Cards are available at the official website just 4 or 5 days before the exams.

Q. Where are the admit card available ?

Answer – It is available at the official website of the institute that conducts the exam. Please start paying visit this website 10 or 15 days before the exam. You will get the information regarding them from other sources.

Q. When and where should I put my sign ?

Answer – The candidates must sign in the presence of the admit card distributor/ supervisor in the examination room.

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