What is Eclectic Approach ? – Its use in teaching English in India

Eclectic Approach means the collection of good points of different methods and using them for effective teaching in class room. In teaching English, various methods and approaches have been quite effective. Each method has some merits and others demerits.

It is quite obvious that one method can not serve the whole purpose of teaching well for all times and in all situations. In addition, a good teacher does like to depend upon only one method. The teacher keeps changing the methods as per his/ her liking and makes teaching more effective and interesting for the taught.

This is the age of competition. So it is always wise to compare various methods to choose the best one to teach effectively. Moreover, in one class, different students have different mind-set. So relying upon one method can be fatal to teaching.

One method may be effective for one type of students and other for other type of students. Therefore, eclectic approach is the most suitable method of teaching English in non-native countries.

Let us compare Eclectic Approach with other methods to judge its real importance.

Eclectic Approach and Translation Method –

In the Translation Method, the students are able to learn many things of English with the help of mother tongue. This method makes the learning easier and things clearer to the students. Secondly, this method helps a lot in explaining the meaning of words and sentences quite easily.

Therefore the teachers should be allowed to use TM in such situation where he has to clear the complex things to the students.

Bilingual method

It  also works on this strategy. This method says that English be taught directly in English Medium. But when a teacher finds it necessary, he can use mother-tongue.

Structural Approach –

This method highlights the importance of teaching structures by creating situation. A teacher must have mastery over basic structures. For teaching students for skills – LSRW, this method is very effective.

So you can see that all these methods have some good points. A teacher must combine these points to make his teaching more effective, fruitful and interesting. This combination of all these good points of the said methods is Eclectic Approach. Therefore, you can understand its value in teaching English.

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