Objective Type Questions from Keeping Quiet

Learn very short questions or objective type questions with answers / solution from the poem Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda – Based on NCERT style / pattern – Imp and useful links ahead

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Q. Who is the poet of the poem Keeping Quiet ?

Answer –  Pablo Neruda

Q. What is the real name of Pablo Neruda ?

Answer – Neftali Reyes Basoalto

Q. When did Pablo Neruda win Nobel Prize ?

Answer – In 1971

Q. What does the poet want us to do for one second ?

Answer – Not to utter in any language

Q. Up to which no. will the poet count ?

Answer – Twelve

Q. To which will the fishermen not harm ?

Answer – Whales

Q. Where would the man gathering salt look at ?

Answer – Hurt hands

Q. What does the poet want us to do during his counting up to twelve ?

Answer – Introspection

Q. What is the meaning of introspection ?

Answer – Self-analysis

Q. What is the meaning of single-minded ?

Answer – Determined

Q. What is the meaning of survivor ?

Answer – A fellow who continues to live

Q. What is the meaning of no truck with ?

Answer – No relation with

Q. What are the fishermen symbolic of ?

Answer – Greed

Q. What is the meaning of huge ?

Answer – Big

Q. What is the meaning of misunderstand ?

Answer – Confuse

Q. What is the meaning of probably ?

Answer – Perhaps

Q. What is the meaning of intervene ?

Answer – Interrupt

Q. Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death ?

Answer – No

Q. What does the poet call the moment of quiet introspection ?

Answer – Exotic

Q. What does the earth teach us ?

Answer – We must be hopeful about life

Q. Do we have time for quiet introspection ?

Answer – No

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