PGT English Sample Paper for KVS, NVS, UP, Punjab, Delhi Schools

Kendriya Vidyalya Sanganthan ( KVS) , Navodaya Vidyalya Sangathan ( NVS ), Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana etc keep inviting applications for PGT English. For the Recruitment, PGT English Screening Test is the first hurdle to cross. The Test contains most of the questions from English Literature and a few questions from Vocabulary and Grammar.

The candidates need to undergo a lot of practice to ensure their success in the exams. We are providing you a Practice Set for PGT English which may help you in preparing for the Screening test held by these various organizations.

PGT English Sample Paper for KVS/ NVS/ UP/ Punjab/ Delhi Schools

Q. 1. Who has written ‘ The Revenger’s Tragedy’ ?

Q. 2. Which drama did Shakespeare write in collaboration of Marlowe ?

Q. 3. Who said about Falstaff – He laughs three inches below the skin ?

Q. 4. In which year was the Globe Theater burned ?

Q. 5. Which figure of speech is used in the following line -” Roll on, thou deep and dark blue sea, Roll. “?

Q. 6. A line of six iambic feet occasionally used in a Heroic couplet is known –

Q. 7. Who wrote the term – ” The perpetual struggle for room and food”

Q. 8. Who had said ,” Gentleman is one who never inflicts pain.”

Q. 9. Who had said the following line – ” Nothing can harm a good man, either in life or after death” ?

Q. 10. Who had written – ” The Advancement of Learning”?

PGT English Paper for Recruitment exams ( HSSC, KVS, Centre )

Correct the following sentences ( from 11 to 15)

Q. 11. He is taller than wise.

Q. 12. What type of a man he is ?

Q. 13. That house is made of bricks.

Q. 14. Rudra doesn’t like your ifs and buts.

Q. 15. There is a lot of money in Radra’s and Kinjal’s Bank joint account.

Q. 16. One word for –  that which is dog like

Q. 17. One word for – The study of physical phenomenon of lakes

Q. 18. One word for – Stealing from the writings of others

Q. 19. Hoarse is the synonymous of Raucous – True or False

Q. 20. Foolish is the antonym of Canny – True or False

Answers – 1. Tourner 2. Titus Antronicus 3. Hezlitt 4. 1613 5. Apostrophe 6. Alexandrine 7. Maithus 8. Newman 9. Socrates 10. Bacon 11. He is more tall than wise 12. What type of man …. 13. made of brick 14 the given sentence is correct 15. Rudra and Kinjal’s joint account 16. canine 17. Limnology 18. Plagiarism 19. True 20. True

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