PM’s Degrees fake or genuine – Does it make much difference ?

There is much uproar over the degrees of Prime Minister Narendra Modi these days. There are Press conferences after conferences by both the BJP President Amit Shah along with Mr Arun Jaitley and Aam Aadmi Party leaders.

The former came out in support of the PM with the degrees in questions to clarify that they were genuine and legally obtained by spending years by the PM whereas the latter were still adamant over their being fake.

They also produced the facts to consolidate their view point. They found the problem with the name and date on the mark-sheets. This attack and counter-attack went on for days. To challenge the degrees of these democratically elected people is not a new thing.

In the past also such allegations were made. But now for the first time Indian Prime Minster’s reputation is at stake.

Whether his degree is valid or not is the secondary issue. The thing that causes the deepest agony is that such acts tarnish the image of the country internationally. What happens if the PM’s degree are not valid ? Does that reduce the PM’s capability in taking decisions and carrying out them ?

When the whole world will come to know that PM’s degrees have been found with different names and different dates, his stature as well as energy will be lowered.

What difference does this revelation bring ? What do these people who want to expose the PM wish to prove ? Don’t they think that PM’s insult is the whole nation’s insult ?

PM has proved himself with his extra-ordinary knowledge of all the matters and even the world recognizes his ability as the PM. Arvind Kejriwal must not get entangled in such petty issues.

Rather he must focus on Delhi and some serious issues. He has the capability of becoming a national level leader. Such things can tarnish is clean image. People have great faith in him.

This is good that there are two good leaders one at the Centre and the second in Delhi. Instead of being involved in petty issues, both must join hands for the well being of the country.

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