SSC MTS Syllabus, Pattern with Practice Sets ( Non-Technical )

Staff Selection Commission ( SSC) has recently released a fresh notification for 8300 Posts. So job notifications are the part for MTS Posts. There are hundreds of thousands candidates who apply for such posts and appear for exams quite frequently. Besides Written Exams, there are other procedures such as Interviews and Documents Verification depending upon the no and nature of posts.

SSC MTS Exam Dates and Pattern 2017-

Before you carry out your preparation for the upcoming exams, you must know about the exam dates. The commission has so far released tentative dates for offline exam- The dates are 16th and 30th of April and 7th of May 2017.

Download MTS Admit Card from here.

Exam Pattern –

There shall be two exams for MTS Non-Technical Posts. Paper 1 shall consist Objective Type Questions whereas the Second one Descriptive Type. The Four Contents of Paper I are –

  • General English – 50 Questions of 50 Marks
  • General Awareness – 50 Questions of
  • Numerical Aptitude – 25 Questions/ 25 Marks and
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning – 25 Questions/ 25 Marks

MTS Paper II shall have descriptive questions of 50 Marks. Total Marks shall be 200 with time assigned 120 Minutes for the 1st Paper and 30 Minutes for second one.

Now check Subject-wise topics.

MTS Syllabus 2017-

English – Tense, Adverb, Articles, Verb, Sub-Verb relation, Common Errors, Fill in the blanks, Sentence Rearrangement, Vocabulary, Comprehension Passages and so on. Do your complete English from here.

Reasoning – Relationships, Coding-decoding, Analogy, Arithmetical Reasoning, Non-verbal Series, Arrangements, Clocks and Calendars, Problem solving, Number Series, Alphabet Series, Logical Sequence of words etc. For all these topics use this link.

Maths – Data Interpretation, Time and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, HSC and LCM, Average, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simplification, Number System etc. For complete Maths Practice Sets click here.

General Awareness – All the topics related with Sports/ Politics/ Science/ Social Science etc. Just use one click for complete General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

SSC MTS Practice Set –

English Portion –

1. Fill in the blank with the suitable preposition – We must muster ———–courage to stand against the maltreatment.

Answer – up

2. Correct the following sentence – The (a) /  hundred rupees notes (b)/ you had given to (c)/me was torn (d) / No Error (e)

Answer – b – hundred rupee note

3. Find the correct option of the bold phrase – The higher you go, cooler it is.

a. cooler it should be b. than cooler it is c. the cooler it is d. cooler it can be.

Answer – c. the cooler it is.

4. Give the one word for the following expression – One who is over anxious about his health

Answer – Hypochondriac

Reasoning –

5. Find the missing no. – 1,3,3,7,6,13,10,..?.., 15, 31, 21

Ans – 21

6. Complete the following series – _ba_ababa_aba _ab

Answer – abbb

7. Find the odd man out – a. xMF b. Tec c. ETc d. YeW

Answer – Tec

8. Find the wrong number – 13, 17, 23, 31, 41, 53, 69

Answer – 69

9. In one party there are grandmother, father, mother, five sons and their wives and each son has two sons and one daughter. Now tell as to how many women are there in the party ?

Answer – 12

General Awareness –

10. On what day PM Modi had announced demonetization of Rs 500/ and Rs 1000/- value notes ?

Answer – 8th of Nov 2016

Q. 11. Who is the present Chief Justice of India ?

Answer – Justice J.S. Khehar

12. On which day National Girl Child Day is celebrated ?

Answer – January 24

13. When did the govt start PM Ujawala Yojana ?

Answer – May 1st 2016

Maths –

14. 5% more is gained by selling a cow for Rs 1010 than by selling it for Rs 1000. Find the cost price of the cow.

Answer – Rs 200/-

15. A sum of money doubles itself in 4 years at a simple interest. In how many years will it amount to 8 times itself ?

Answer – 28 years

16. A mixture of 40 liters of milk and water contains 10% of water. How much water must be added to make 20% water in the new mixture ?

Answer – 5 liters of water

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