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Check the complete solution of Dec 4, 2016 evening session Exam. There were about 30% candidates absent in all the examination centre. Like other exams, there were 100 questions of 200 marks. The questions were from not so hard and 70% from the General Knowledge portion.

The questions have almost the same nature as the previous exams. The complete analysis of the exam with the exam cut off shall appear later in another post. We shall connect that link with all the concerned posts later. Now check the complete solution of the HSSC Evening Session Exam Paper.

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Now 11th December 2016 Evening Session Answer key is available here.

Morning session Answer key

Haryana Clerk Evening Exam Solution –

Q. What is main constituent of hemoglobin ?

Answer – Iron

Q. First Governor of Haryana is

Answer -Sh Dharamveer

Q. Breed of buffaloes famous in Haryana is ..

Ans – Murrah

Q. When do we celebrate Haryana Day ?

Answer – 1st of Nov 2016 separated from Punjab on lingual lines

Q. When did Kalpana Chawla die ?

Answer – 1st Feb 2003 when they were returning from mars.

Q. Manji Sahib Gurudwara located at

Answer – Ambala

Q. Famous player Geeta Jutsi related with –

Answer – Athletics

Q. Famous battle between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi fought at –

Answer -Famous battleground of Panipat ( Three battles were fought here)

Q. Rajya Sabha members from Haryana State are

Answer – Five members

HSSC Clerk Dec 4 and Dec 11 Exam Evening Session Solution/ Official Answer key 2017

Q. Sandesh, which is a weekly magazine, launched by ..

Answer – Nekiram Sharma

Q. Official language of Haryana is –

Answer – Hindi

Q. Script of Ashoka Stambha ?

Ans- Brahmi Script

Q. Name the Chief Minister of Haryana who became Deputy Prime Minister of India ?

Ans: Devi Lal ( Chandra Shekhar was the PM)

Q. State which east to Haryana is

Ans – Uttar Pradesh

Q. which is the largest city of Haryana State according to area ?

Ans: Hisar 3,983 sq km

Q. Badkhal Lake is a natural lake situated at ..

Answer – Faridabad

Q. In which year National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) headquarters shifted to Karnal ?

Ans- 1955

Q. 22nd district of Haryana is –

Ans- Charkhi Dadri

Q. Agriculture Minister of Haryana State –

Ans- Om Prakash Dhankhar

Q. Who did not Participate in the revolt of 1857 ?

Ans: Chandrashekhar Azad

Q. Of which is Stockholm the capital ?

Ans: Sweden

Q. Name the chairman of the commission set up to review the Centre-State relations –

Ans: R. S. Sarkaria

Q. What is the normal tenure of the U.N. Secretary-General ?

Ans- Five years

Q. 100-rupee notes carries the signature of ..

Ans: RBI Governor  ( At present Sh Urjit Patel)

HSSC Hindi Solution

Q. ‘काला नाग’ मुहावरे का  अर्थ –

Ans- घातक व्यक्ति

Q. साकेत काव्य के लेखक –

Ans- मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

Q. प्रसून शब्द का सही पर्यायवाची शब्द –

Ans: सुमन

Q.हरिवंशराय बच्चन का जन्म  हुआ –

Ans- प्रयाग

Q. परिहस सरिस धर्म नहिं भाई, पर पीड़ा सम नहिं अधमाई

ये पंक्तियाँ लिखी हैं –

Ans- तुलसीदास

Q. ‘महा + उर्मी’ का संधि –

Ans- महोर्मि

Q. जो कभी नहीं मरता हो-

Ans- अमर

Q. ‘सुगम’ शब्द का विलोम-

Ans- दुर्गम

English Language Clerk Solution

Q. Meaning of Sumptuous

Answer – Lavish

Q. Opposite of Cosset –

Answer – Neglect

Q. One word for – To remove the skin of a potato or an orange –

Ans- Peel

Q. Preposition – Please pay attention to what the speaker is saying.

Q. Correctly spelt word is-

Ans- Philharmonic

Q. Who did not participate in the revolt of 1857 ?

Answer – Chandra Shekhar Azad

Q. Garba dance is related with –

Answer – This dance comes from Gujarat. Its literal Sanskrit meaning is Womb and Deep ( a small earthen lamp)

Q. Rajgarh Fort associated with –

Answer – Shivaji

Q. Mother Teresa received Nobel Peace Prize in –

Answer – 1979

Q. National Tree of India is –

Answer – Banyan Tree ( वट वृक्ष )

Q. Where is Chilka lake located ?

Answer – At Odisha

Q. What is the meaning of Third World ?

Answer – Developing countries

Q. When did Hindi become the official language of Union of India ?

Answer – 1965

General Knowledge Solution –

Q. Which country did India launch its  first satellite Aryabhatta  in 1975 ?

Ans- Soviet Union

Q. The term “Grandslam” associated ?

Ans- Lawn Tennis

Q. Rangaswamy Cup associated with –

Ans- Hockey

Q. Doldrums belt located at …

Ans- Near the Equator

Q. Planet with no natural satellites ?

Ans- Venus

Q. Permanent Secretariat of SAARC located at –

Ans- Kathmandu

Q. Name the first Secretary General of SAARC ?

Ans- Mr Abul Ahsan

Q. Branch of science that deals with the study of sound & sound waves –

Ans- Acoustics

Q. NITI Aayog replaced ..

Ans- Planning Commission

Q. 2016 ICC Cricket Hall of Fame ?

Ans- Muttiah Murlitharan

Q. Silver melts at ..

Ans – 961.8 degree c

Q. How much cash award did I0A announce  for the gold medal winning athlete in the Rio Olympics ?

Ans – 50 lac

Q. Quit India 2 – from Swaraaj to Suraaj initiative to mark the 750 Anniversary of Quit India Movement launched at the state –

Answer – Maharashtra

Q. New Chief Minister of Gujarat –

Ans- Vijay Rupani

Q. Wimbledon 2016 men’s single title winner is –

Ans- Andy Murray

Q. Governor Generals of India in Chronological order ….

Answer – 3>2>1>4 ( Warren Hasting, Cornwallis, Wellesiey, Dalhousie)

Q. Why did Rowlett Act arouse popular indignation during the Indian Freedom Struggle ?

Answer – It authorized the government to imprison people without trial

Q. With whose permission the English set up the first factory in Surat ?

Answer – Ans. Jahangir

Q. As per 2012 RBI reports which state/ UT has the highest percentage below poverty line….

Answer – Chhattisgarh

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