HBSE 10th English Grammar Solved Paper 4th April 2022 – Set C

Haryana Board ( BSEH ) Solved English Grammar Paper – Exam Date was 4th April 2022 – Answers of Set C – Important links for 10th class students

Section B ( Grammar )

We shall try to give you the right answer. We wish good luck to the examinees of 10th class.

B. You have to attempt any 15 sentences

Q. 1 Supply correct form of verbs :-

a. He always ————( speak ) the truth.

Answer – speaks

b. I ————– ( solve ) two questions so far.

Answer  – have solved

c. The bell ————– ( go ) before I reached the school.

Answer – had gone

Q. 2 Use of Indirect speech (Narration ) :-

a. He said,” Mohan writes a letter.”

Answer – He said that Mohan wrote a letter.

b. Madhri said to me,” I can not go to school today.”

Answer – Madhri told me that she could not go to school that day.

c. He said to me,” Where are you going ? ”

Answer – He asked me where I was going.

Q. 3 Use the correct articles Use of Articles :-

a. ———– old man had seven sons.

Answer – The

b. What ————- lovely colour !

Answer – a

c. ———– rich should help the poor.

Answer – The

Q. 4 Use correct modals :-

a. Accidents —————happen to anyone.

Answer – can

b. Everyone ————– grow old and perish.

Answer – must

c. —————- his soul rest in peace !

Answer – May

Q. 5. Correct form of Gerund/ Infinitive :-

a. She hopes ———– ( pass )

Answer – to pass

b. I let him ———— ( read ) the book.

Answer – read

c. It is no use ————-( cry ) over spilt milk.

Answer – crying

Q. 6 Correct Punctuation :-

a. he is kind brave gentle and handsome.

Answer – He is kind, brave, gentle and handsome.

b. madan, a landlord is very famous

Answer – Madan, a landlord, is very famous.

c. hurrah we have won the match

Answer – Hurrah ! We have won the match.

If you find any mistake in any solution, we request you to inform us through proper channel given at the end of this page. We wish good luck for 10th examinees.

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