Kudamkulum Nuclear Plant – Read Detailed Information

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Russian President Vladimir Putin dedicated the much-awaited Kudamkulum Nuclear Plant to the service of the country. Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa also showed her presence on the occasion. The First Unit of the Plant was inaugurated by the Indian PM and Russian President via Video-conferencing.

This Project also known as KNPP ( Kudamkulum Nuclear Power Project) has been built in collaboration with Russia. The Indian Prime Minister has called it a historic moment. The Russian President said the plant was updated with Russian most modern technologies.

According to the Indian PM, Five more units with 1,000 Megawatt each shall be set up at the same site. It is note-worthy that India and Russia have been co-operating in Nuclear Energy area for the last many years. Even both the countries had signed a contact to build this plant in 1988. That time it was Soviet Union ( USSR). But then USSR broke up.

And it was the main reason for its extra-ordinary delay. Therefore, the initial stage for Units 1 and 2 was earmarked Rs 13,171, but it went up to Rs 17,270 now ( Rs are in Crore).

In short, this power plant will be helpful in making India self-reliant in the production of power.

Read about other Nuclear Power Plants with Capacity –

Rawatbhata ( Rajasthan) Power Plant – 100+200+4*220 MW

Kakrapar is situated in Gujarat with 2*220 MW capacity.

Tarapur Power Project is located in Maharashtra with 2*160 + 2*540 MW

Kalpakkam Tamil Nadu Power Project has the capacity of 2*220 MW.

Narora Power Plant is located in Narora UP with 2*220 MW.

To conclude, the Total Nuclear Power Plant capacity is 5780 MW

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