Major Greek Literary Authors & their Works – Questions for NET English

Greek literature is a main part of UGC NET. A great no of English and other language writers have been under great influence of this literature. This is one of the oldest literature of the world.

There have been great Greek philosophers, writers, preachers who have enriched world literature through their invaluable works. Here are some major Greek writers along with their very famous works. We hope this post will help you in your NET for  English.

Greek Writers/ Philosophers and Important Works

Q. 1 Who has written Fables ?

Ans – Aesop

Q. 2. Who has written Prometheus Bound ?

Ans – Aeschylus

Q. 3. The Trojan Woman is the work of –

Ans – Euripides

Q. 4. What are works of Homer ?

Ans – Iliad and Odyssey

Q. 5. Whose master piece is Republic ?

Ans – Plato

Important Questions on Greek Literature –

Q. 6. Who was the disciple of Plato ?

Ans – Aristotle

Q. 7. What are chief works of Aristotle ?

Ans – Poetics, Politics, Rhetoric Ethics

Q. 8. Whom has Aristotle criticized in his work Poetics ?

Ans – Plato

Q. 9. Who has called poetry imitation of imitation, hence twice removed from reality ?

Ans – Plato

Q. 10. Name of the famous book of Plutarch ?

Ans – Parallel Lives

Q. 11. Who has written Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus ?

Ans – Sophocles

Q. 12. Which Greek Philosopher finds mention in the very famous poem of Matthew Arnold Dover Beach ?

Ans – Sophocles

Q. 13. Memorabilia is written by …

Ans – Xenophon

Q. 14. The term catharsis finds its mention in …

Ans – Aristotle’s Poetics

Q. 15. Who is the writer of Choral Odes ?

Ans – Pindar

Q. 16. Lament for Bion is the famous work of ….

Ans – Moschus

Q. 17. Poems is the work of Greek Writer …..

Ans – Sappho

Q. 18. Idylls is written by ….

Ans – Theocritus

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