Need to Protect Environment for Future Gen – Sure Steps

The whole of world is celebrating World Environment Day on June 5. There are talks as to how to protect environment from being collapsed owing to bad habits of human beings. This so-called modernity has taken the toll of our whole environment.

There are flash floods somewhere killing people instantly with their houses, villages and towns swept away by the big mass of water coming from sky.

There are places where people are pining for a single drought of water because of acute droughts and famines. Why is it all happening ? Undoubtedly it is due to us. We have tampered a lot with it for our cheap and short-term benefits.

Cutting trees for making room for ourselves, using other natural resources for our survival or more than it, killing other animals to fulfill our own whims etc has brought us on the verge that we must start counting days till the earth gets annihilated.

But it is enough and we must stop this blame-game like shrewd politicians. This is the time for action. We are not going to do big things to save our earth, protect our environment.

Steps to save Environment –

Stop felling trees recklessly –

Find other alternatives to cutting trees. Trees are the most essential our co-partner of life. They provide us life-giving Oxygen free of cost. So cutting trees must be taken as murdering a human being and such acts must meet exemplary punishment.

If you Cut One Tree – Grow Five

Though it seems impractical, it is right. If it is compulsory to cut a tree, it should be the duty of the person to grow at least five in lieu of that because if he grows five only then one or two trees shall survive.

Not only growing, but looking after of the trees will also be the responsibility of a person.

Use Vacant Plots for Growing Trees and Plants –

We have seen a lot of Govt land and Private land lying waste. They have become popular spots for dumping garbage and rubble. Govt must ensure that trees be planted there. Govt can do it with the help of NGOs and other private organizations.

Even there is private plots which lay unused for years because most them are for investment purposes by the rich people.

So these people can grow trees on that unused land and can give a very precious contribution to save environment. Even they can be benefited from these trees if they are fruit trees.

People have the habit of leaving the empty land before their houses. Why don’t they grow one or two trees there ? The houses shall be decorated and also be beneficial for environment.

In the same way in schools and hospitals, there is much land unused. That can be used for the same purpose.

Just formality of growing trees on Environment Day or Forestation Day for the sake of photographs and news won’t help.

Religious Organizations must be attached with such programmes –

Religion has a great hold on people. They are easily persuaded by God-man. So the Govt can ask these organizations to held in this task in making the earth green once again.

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