Objective Type Questions from The Adventures of Toto

Learn very short questions or objective type questions with answers from The Adventures of Toto by Ruskin Bond - Based on NCERT pattern from the book " Moments " - Important links on this page

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Q. Who is the writer of the story named The Adventures of Toto ?

Answer - Ruskin Bond

Q. Who was fond of keeping pets ?

Answer - The grandfather

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Q. What pet did the grandfather purchase ?

Answer - Small monkey

Q. Where did he buy the monkey from ?

Answer - Tonga-driver

Q. How much money did he give to the tonga-driver for the monkey ?

Answer - Five rupees

Q. What name did he give to the monkey ?

Answer - Toto

Q. Who did not like the animals in the home ?

Answer - Grandmother

Q. Where was Toto kept in the house ?

Answer - In a little closet

Q. Where did the closet open ?

Answer - Narrator's bedroom

Q. Where was the big cage ?

Answer - In the servants' quarter

Q. Which animals were there in the grandfather's private zoo ?

Answer - A tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a pet squirrel and a pet goat

Q. Where did the grandfather go to take his pension ?

Answer - Saharanpur

Q. Who accompanied him to Saharanpur ?

Answer - Toto

Q. Where did he keep Toto ?

Answer - In a big black canvas bag

Q. How much did the ticket checker charge for Toto ?

Answer - Three rupees

Q. What did the ticket checker take Toto for ?

Answer - Dog

Q. When the grandmother accepted Toto, where did he get room ?

Answer - In the stable

Q. What was the name of donkey ?

Answer - Nana

Q. What kind of water did Toto like to have for bath ?

Answer - A bowl of warm water

Q. When did Toto refuse to take bath ?

Answer - If anybody laughed at him

Q. What was there in a large kitchen kettle ?

Answer - Tea

Q. Who rescued Toto from boiling ?

Answer - The grandmother

Q. Whom did Toto throw a plate of rice at ?

Answer - Grandmother

Q. Who had come to rescue the grandmother ?

Answer - Narrator's aunt

Q. What did Toto throw at the aunt ?

Answer - A glass of water

Q. What did Toto break in to pieces ?

Answer - The plate

Q. What amount did the grandmother charge for selling back Toto ?

Answer - Three rupees

Q. Who bought Toto in three rupees ?

Answer - The same tonga-driver

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