Objective Type Questions From The Lost Child

Prepare very short type questions or objective type questions from The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand – NCERT Style – Good for 9th class students – The name of book is Beehive

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Q. Who is the writer of The Lost Child ?

Answer – Mulk Raj Anand

Q. Where did the child go with his parents ?

Answer – To the fair

Q. What did the child see on the way to fair ?

Answer – Toy shop

Q. Did the child buy anything from the fair ?

Answer – No

Q. Whose eyes were red ?

Answer – Father’s

Q. What was the child’s favourite sweet ?

Answer – Burfi

Q. Which flowers was the garlands made of ?

Answer – Gulmohur

Q. What was the colour of people’s clothes ?

Answer – Yellow

Q. How was the crowd at the gate of the temple ?

Answer – Biggest

Q. Who had saved the child ?

Answer – A man

Q. Which swing was there in the fair ?

Answer – Roundabout

Q. What did the man wish to give to the child in the fair ?

Answer – Sweets, balloons, a ride on the roundabout, and a garland of gulmohur flowers

Q. Who distracts the child from the toy’s shop ?

Answer – The mother

Q. What was the mood of the people there ?

Answer – Joyful

Q. Did the child want things after he was lost ?

Answer – No

Q. What does the child want when he was lost ?

Answer – His parents

Q. What is the meaning of gaudy ?

Answer – Very bright

Q. What is the meaning of fascinated ?

Answer – Attracted

Q. What is the meaning of disconsolate ?

Answer – Unhappy

For very short questions or objective type questions with solution from the story The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand, please visit this page. If  students of 9th class want us to add some questions, we will add questions. If they find any error ( mistake ), we shall rectify it. Prepare these questions. They may be helpful in the coming exam. Good luck for the paper.

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