Present, Past, Future Perfect Continuous, Future Continuous – Voice

We have done the active and passive voice of almost all the categories of Sentences ( Tense, Modal, Imperative etc ) Here we will change the voice of four tenses – Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Perfect Continuous and Future Continuous Tense.

There is always the confusion whether these tenses have passive voice or not. Generally, it is assumed that they don’t have. As a result, teachers don’t make us do them during our doing this topic. This fact has been etched in our mind since our junior classes.

However let me tell you that these tenses have voice. We will do them one by one.

Rules of Active and Passive Voice

Present Perfect Continuous Tense ( Active and Passive Voice ) –

Example Sentence –

1. Kinjal has been watching TV since morning.

Answer Structure – Obj + has/have + been + being + V3 + by + sub + since/ for + time.

Answer – TV has been being watched by Kinjal since morning.

Note – Here in the passive voice, we will use both helping verbs been and being. Rest of the structure shall remain same.

Practice Sentences –

a. They have been read this novel for half an hour.

This novel has been being read by them for half an hour.

b. Has he been writing a poem for the last two hours ?

Has a novel been being written by him for the last two hours ?

c. The teacher has been teaching English since 11 am.

English has been being taught by the teacher since 11 am.

Active and Passive Sentences for Present/ Past/ Future Perfect Continuous Tense/ Future Continuous

Past Perfect Continuous –

I had been preparing notes for the last 3 months.

Notes had been being prepared by me for the last 3 months.

My friend had not been flying kite since morning.

Kite had not been being flown by my friend since morning.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense –

PM will have been giving speech for half an hour.

Speech will have been being given by PM for half an hour.

Kinjal will have been playing hide and seek for the last 10 minutes.

Hide and seek will have been being played by Kinjal for the last 10 minutes.

Future Continuous Tense –

Example Sentence –

Children will be playing cricket this time.

Cricket will be being played by children this time.

She will be making painting now.

Painting will be being made by her now.

Learn Complete Tense from here.

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