Sentence Arrangement / Improvement for SSC, Banking Exams

There are 5 to 7 questions of Sentence Arrangement in English Section of  SSC, IBPS, Railways Exams. You will have to arrange the parts of a sentence in order to make it a meaningful one. Moreover, the examiner may check your English competence by asking you to improve any statement.

So this section requires a lot of practice. Before we give you some Practice sets, we shall tell you how to attempt Arrangement Questions.

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Tips for doing English Sentence Arrangement Portion –

  • First of all read all the sentences.
  • Try to sort out the first sentence out of given four or five.
  • The first sentence will start with a Subject ( most of the times Proper Nouns such as John, Tom, or common Nouns such as people, children etc)
  • Then do your best to link first sentence with the second one and so on.
  • The most important thing in solving sentence arrangement/improvement is constant practice.

English Sentence Arrangement Practice Set – 1

Directions : In the following questions, each passage consist of six sentences. The first and the sixth ( S1 and S6) sentences are being provided in the beginning. We have removed the internal four sentences and jumbled them up. We have labelled them up as P, Q, R, S. Now you have to place these four parts properly to make a complete passage.

Q. 1

S 1. The dry-cell battery has always been quite familiar in Indian homes.

S6. Indian Industrialists have realized soon this quick increase in the demand for them and today the market for dry-cell batteries in India has reached up to Rs 3 hundred crore mark.

P : The demand was constant  for many years. It was only with the introduction of portable radios and tape recorders that the manufacturers of dry-cell batteries become a profitable .

Q : Its main use was to supply power to torch-lights.

R : Now-a-days, people use transistors, radios, calculators etc using dry cells of various sizes.

S : Even in the World sports events the demand for the dry-cell batteries have increased a lot.

Solution – QPRS

Q. 2 Sentence Arrangement Practice Set 2

S 1: No doubt, it is the nature that ensures a diamond’s clarity and color.

S 6. On the other hand, the diamonds poorly cut look less shining and beautiful.

P : It results in a spread  show of brilliance.

Q : But, the hand of the skilled craftsman is required for enhancing its shine and beauty.

R : When the diamond is cut to good proportions, light reflects from one part to another and goes out through the top of it.

S : A well-cut diamond shines with the light properly.

Solution – SQRP

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