Short Questions from The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Prepare objective type or very short questions with answers from the story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse by William Saroyan – Based on NCERT pattern – Snapshots

Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Q. Who has penned down the story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse ?

Answer – William Saroyan

Q. How many boys are there in the story ?

Answer – Two

Q. Which country do the boys belong to ?

Answer – Armenia

Q. Who is the narrator of the story ?

Answer – Aram

Q. What is the age of Aram ?

Answer – Nine

Q. What is the name of Aram’s cousin ?

Answer – Mourad

Q. What is their tribe famous for ?

Answer – Trust and honesty

Q. What is name of their uncle ?

Answer – Khosrove

Q. What does the cousin steal ?

Answer – Horse

Q. Who is Khosrove’s son ?

Answer – Arak

Q. What was the narrator fond of ?

Answer – Riding

Q. Where was Khosrove sitting when his house was on fire ?

Answer – At barber’s shop

Q. What was the pet sentence of uncle Khosrove ?

Answer – It is no harm ; pay no attention to it.

Q. What does the narrator’s cousin begin when he was riding the horse ?

Answer – Sing

Q. Where does the horse leap over ?

Answer – Over the vine

Q. Who is the actual owner of the horse ?

Answer – John Byro, an Assyrian

Q. Who is John Byro ?

Answer – A farmer

Q. What was Mourad doing when the narrator went to inform him that John Byro had come ?

Answer – He was repairing the injured wing of a bird

Q. Did John Byro recognize his horse ?

Answer – Yes

Q. What is the Mourad’s father’s name ?

Answer – Zorab

Q. Had they returned the horse to the owner ?

Answer – Yes

Q. Where did they return the horse ?

Answer – John Byro’s vineyard

For such very short type questions or objective questions with their answers keep coming on this page. If we have left some questions we shall try our best to add them in near future. These questions are very important for your 11th exam. Learn them and best wishes.

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