TET Must be for Life-time like UGC NET – Read why ?

Teachers’ Eligibility Tests are mandatory in almost all the states of the country. Even for the teachers’ jobs in the Centre, the candidates have to clear the CTET. There are many versions of TET as per the state as HTET in Haryana, UP TET is meant for UP, HP TET for Himachal Pradesh and so on. The TET exam is for the teachers who wish to adopt this noble profession at the school level.

This test is also held for Primary School Teachers – Lower Primary School and Upper Primary School. In Haryana HTET is meant for PGT also. The candidates having basic eligible qualification can apply for this Teachers’ Eligibility Test. The Written Test for all categories is of 150 Marks out of which the candidates have to obtain minimum 90 marks.

But there is one strange conditions attached with this Eligibility Test and that is its validity period. All the TET Certificates expire after 5 year period. Doesn’t it look ridiculous? Isn’t it a mockery of the helpless educated people ? Why only for five year when NET is valid for life-time? It means that the candidates will have to keep trying because the Govt will not provide them Jobs.

What’s the fault of the candidate if he/ she doesn’t get the job after completing his/ her education and then clearing this eligibility test.

TET must be For Life

What if the Teachers’ recruitment doesn’t come out or if it is out, just once or twice in five years. It means the candidates get rare chances to be the part of any Recruitment related with the teaching.

It must be the duty of the Govt to provide maximum opportunities to the TET Qualified candidates. With one or two chances for a fewer no of posts with many times candidates vying with each other, it is unfair to expect from all the TET Certificate holders to get jobs. Why do you punish them with clearing it once again? There are many unsuccessful TET certificates holding candidates who have turned 40 or above.

Does it behove them to sit for another TET with 23 or 24 year old youngsters just because they couldn’t get jobs because there was not much Recruitment in the particular state? Will their years’ teaching experience not be counted? What about their stamina? Will they have to prove them though out their life ?

If some fortunate ones have got the jobs, they are better, they don’t need TET. Those who are teaching in Private Schools with far better results will have to clear TET over and again just because the Govt will not provide jobs. Or is it a great source of income for the govt – the more the candidates, the more income through TET?

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