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Translation from Hindi to English – 

1. उसके द्वारा सुबह से फुटबॉल खेली जा रही है। – Footbal has been being played by him since morning.

2. हमारे द्वारा 2 घंटे से किताब लिखी जा रही थी। – The book had been being written by us for two hours.

3. क्या मेरे द्वारा 3 घंटे से T V देखा जा रहा होगा ? – Will  TV been being watched  by me for 3 hours ?

4. उसके द्वारा चाय बनाई जा रही होगी। – Tea will be being prepared by her.

5. उसके द्वारा 2 दिन से कक्षा नहीं लगाई गई है। – The class has not been being attended for 2 days by him.

6. क्या तुम्हारे द्वारा यह फिल्म देखी गई थी? – Had this movie been watched by you ?

7. क्या वह कपडे धो चुका होगा ?  – Will he washed the clothes ?

8. उसके द्वारा हमे 20 मिनट से ट्यूशन नहीं पढाई जा रही थी।

We have not been being taught tution by him for 20 minutes.

Translation of Passive voice

9. बच्चों द्वारा एक घंटे से पतंग उड़ाई जा रही होगी। – A kite will have been  being flown by him for one hour.

10. अध्यापक के द्वारा उसे सुबह से पीटा जा रहा है। – He has been being beaten by the teacher since morning.

11. अध्यापक उसे पीट रहा है। – The teacher is beating him.

12. क्या तुम कल इस समय धार्मिक कार्यक्रम देख रहे होंगे ? – Will you be being watched religious program this time tomorrow ?

Note – They will go to Delhi. It can not have passive voice as go is an intransitive verb.

13. वह सुबह से पौधों में पानी दे रहा होगा। – He will have been watered the plants since morning.

14. तुम्हारे द्वारा 2 मिनट से गाना गाया जा रहा है। – A song will have been being sung by you for 2 minutes.

15. उनके द्वारा 2 घंटे से शतरंज खेली जा रही थी। – Chess had been being played by them for 2 hours.

To be continued……….

Though we have taken utmost care in writing this article, there may be some mistakes regarding a few sentences. We request you to tell us about our mistakes. Best wishes for English learners.

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