Haryana Board 12th English Grammar Set C Section with Solution

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HBSE English Grammar Portion Set C with Answers –

1. Verbs – 

a. We ——– ( take ) another exam tomorrow.

Answer – shall take

b. If you ——– ( obey ) your parents, you will always get success in your life.

Answer – obey

c. The rattrap seller ——— ( steal ) nothing from the house of ironmaster last sunday.

Answer – stole

2. Narration

a. “You can not win this match. ” said my coach to me.

Answer – My coach told me that I could not win that match.

b. ” Kittu, why are you creating disturbance ? ” said the mother.

Answer – The mother asked Kittu why she was creating disturbance.

c. The teacher said, ” History repeats itself. ”

Answer – The teacher said that history repeats itself.

3. Voice

a. The dragon killed the pirate.

Answer – The pirate was killed by the dragon.

b. Did you recite the poem in school today ?

Answer – Was the poem recite by you in school today ?

c. Who tells you such stories ?

Answer – By whom are you told such stories ?

4. Articles

a. ———– cricket is not the national game of India.

Answer – No article

b. ———– honest man is honoured everywhere.

Answer – An

c. This man is ——– S.H.O. of our area, he solved my case.

Answer – an

5. Modals

a. There are no clouds in the sky, it ——— rain today. ( might, will, shall )

Answer – might

b. By now, you ——— have completed your exam. ( used to, dare, should )

Answer – should

c. She ——– to sing well in her childhood. ( used, dare, should )

Answer – used

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