HBSE 12th English Grammar Set A solved Paper 2023

Match your Answers from the paper of English Grammar that took place on 15th of March 2023 Haryana Board / HBSE/ BSEH – Useful links for the students after 10+2 – 

English Grammar with solution/ answer ( 12th Final Exam Set A ) – You must attempt any two sentences from each section of grammar – 

1. Use of Verbs

a. In hilly areas many tourists ——— ( go ) every year.

Answer – go

b. The police ———- ( catch ) the thief before he jumped from the roof.

Answer – had caught

c. People ———— ( suffer ) from corona for more than two years.

Answer – have been suffering

2. Use of Narration/ Reprted Speech – 

a. The teacher said, ” Quinine tastes bitter “.

Answer – The teacher said that quinine tastes bitter.

b. She said to her mother, ” Ganga is a holy river “.

Answer – She told her mother that Ganga is a holy river.

c. ” Don’t touch the live wire “, said the electrician.

Answer – The electrician forbade not to touch the live wire.

3. Use of Articles

a. Shimla is ———- hill station where we go every year.

Answer – The

b. ———– empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

Answer – An

c. Please give me ———– piece of chalk.

Answer – a

4. Use of Voice

a. It is time to take risk now.

Answer – It is time for risk to be taken now.

b. Are they not declairing holidays ?

Answer -Are holidays not being declared by them.

c. Teachers have honoured the Principal.

Answer – Principal has been honoured by teachers.

5. Use of Modals

a. We all ———- respect our souldiers.

Answer – should

b. Duty ———- be done.

Answer – must

c. I am sure, I ——– get full marks.

Answer – will

Though we have not left any stone unturned in solving the grammar portion of the paper, there may be some mistakes in our attempt. Our team requests you to inform us about those mistakes. So that we may correct them. We wish the students of 10+2 for their exam and career.

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