HBSE 12th English Grammar with Answers Set B – 2023

This page contains the solution of English Grammar Paper Set B that took place on 15th of March 2023 – Useful links for those who are preparing for entrance/ job exams – 

Solution of HBSE 12th English Grammar – Set B

1.Correct Form of Verb

a. If we ———– ( complete ) the exam in time, we shall get bonus marks.

Answer – complete

b. When the teacher entered the class, children ——— ( play ) with each other.

Answer – were playing

c. We ———– ( suffer ) from throat problem for two years.

Answer – have been suffering

2. Narration

a. I said to my mother, ” Do you know the hiistory of India ? ”

Answer – I asked my mother if she new the history of India.

b. Neel said, ” Mother, I am going to temple today. ”

Answer – Neel told his mother that he was going to temple that day.

c. He said to the teacher, ” You are my role-model. ”

Answer- He told his teacher that he/ she was his role-model.

3. Voice

a. Sheela slapped him.

Answer – He was slapped by Sheela.

b. Did he tell you about his new house ?

Answer – Were you told by him about hiis new house ?

c. My Mother at Sixty Six was written by Kamala Das.

Answer – Kamala Das wrote My Mother at Sixtyy Six.

4. Articles

a. Playing cards is ——— bad habit.

Answer – a

b. I shall write ———- autobiography.

Answer – an

c. ——— milk is sold by litre.

Answer – No article

5. Modals

a. ——— you help me please ? ( would, should, could )

Answer – Would

b. Every student ——— answer all the questions. ( must, might, may )

Answer – must

c. We ———- to serve our parents as well as grandparents. ( used to, ought, should )

Answer – ought

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