HBSE 12th 2nd Semester English Solution 2016 – Set, A, B, C

Haryana Board has initiated the 2nd Semester 12th Board Exam for English Subject. The first was of English on 8th of March 2016. Around 4 lac students took the exam. Here we are publishing the Solution of 12th Class Second Semester English Paper for helping the students to know their exam performance.

Solution for 12th Class English ( Set A ) –

You shall be able to check your 10th/12th Second semester Result from here later.

Q. 1 Reading Skills – If ever there ……… a source of inspiration

i – c

ii – b

iii – d

iv – a

Q. 5 Articles

a – No article

b. the

c. a

d. the

Q. 6. Modals

a. must

b. can

c. used to / would

d. shall

Q. 7. Section – C Main Reader – Next Gandhi ……..

Ans – i – b

ii – a

iii – c

iv – b

v – a

Q. 11 – Poetry Section – Or crook ……

Ans – i – c

ii – a

iii – b

iv – a

v – d

HBSE 12th Second Sem English – Set B

Q. 1 Section A

i – d

ii – b

iii – a

iv – d

Q. 4 Change the voice

a – He will be taught a lesson by me.

b. You are requested to give me some water.

c. The river could not be crossed by them.

d. Why were the students not punished by the teacher ?

Q. 5. Articles –

a. the

b. An

c. a

d. an

Q. 6. Modals –

a. can

b. shall

c. would

d. would

Q. 7 Section C – This gang …..

i. b

ii. a

iii. d

iv. a

v. b

Q. 11 Section C Aunt Jennifer …….

i. c

ii. a

iii. c

iv. c

v. a

Haryana Board 12th Class English Solution for 2nd Semester Set – C

Q. 1. Section A – Rights and duties …….

Ans – i- c

ii. b

iii. a

iv. d

Q. 4 Change the Voice –

a. It is time for tea to be taken.

b. You are requested to help the poor beggar.

c. The examination could have been passed by you.

d. The theft has not been committed by them.

Q. 5. Articles –

a. a

b. a

c. a

d. the

Q. 6. Modals –

a. must

c. can

c. should

d. May

Q. 7. Section C – He had the ability to look …..

i. a

ii. c

iii. b

iv. c

v. c

Q. 11. Section C – Yes, in spite of all ……..

Ans – i – b

ii. c

iii. a

iv. d

v. d

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