HBSE 9th English Grammar Practice Set with Remaining Questions

Haryana Board ( HBSE/ BSEH ) 9th English Grammar Practice Set with Solution/Answers – On this page you shall read rest of the questions – Useful links for all the examinees

HBSE 9th English Grammar Practice Set for the session 2022-2023 with the topics like Punctuation, Articles, Tense, Voice and Narration.

Practice Set of English Grammar of 9th Class with Answers –

6. Use of conjunction

a. John is not at home. I will not phone him.

Answer – As John is not at home, I will not phone him.

b. I was ill. I did not go to school.

Answer – I was ill, so, I did not go to school. or

As I was ill, I did not go to school.

c. The sun is a star. My father told me this.

Answer – My father told me that the sun is a star.

d. Ravi is very weak. He can not go upstairs.

Answer – Ravi is so weak that he can not go upstairs.

7. Use of preposition

a. Our school starts ————- 8:15 a.m.

Answer – at

b. They will return ————– bus.

Answer – by

c. The rich distributed the clothes ———– the poor.

Answer – among

d. Tim sold this chair ———– Rs. 200.

Answer – for

8. Use of Modals

a. Talk slowly lest somebody ———- listen to it.

Answer – should

b. ——— that I were the minister !

Answer – Would

c. If you read this book, you ———– acquire knowledge.

Answer – will

d. ———– you get every joy of life!

Answer – May

9. Use of Transformation of Sentences

a. Cows eat meat. ( Negative )

Answer – Cows do not eat meat.

b. Does John dance ? ( Negative )

Answer- Does John not dance ?

c. My name is Ronaldo. ( Interrogative with” What ” )

Answer – What is your name ?

d. Gita spoke the truth. ( Negative )

Answer – Gita did not speak the truth.

10. Use of Adverbs

a. I shall go there ——— ( yesterday/ tomorrow ).

Answer- tomorrow

b. Kinjal is ——— lazy to do this work.

Answer – too

c. He is the ——— son of his parent.

Answer- only

d. The weather is ——— cold.

Answer- rather

If any of the students of 9th class finds something wrong, he/she can interact with us via comment box ahead. It is our duty to correct that sentence. Our team wishes you for your career.

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