Objective Type Questions from Reach for the Top

Very short questions or objective type questions with answers / solution from Reach for the Top by ( Anonymous ) – Good for 9th class students from the book Beehive

Santosh Yadav

Q. Who is the writer of Reach for the Top ?

Answer – Anonymous

Q. How many parts are there of this chapter ?

Answer – Two

Q. How many women are there in this chapter ?

Answer – Two

Q. What are the names of these two women ?

Answer – Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova

Q. Which state does Santosh Yadav belong to ?

Answer – Haryana

Q. What did Santosh Yadav do ?

Answer – First woman to scale Mt. Everest twice

Q. Which sport / game does Maria Sharapova belong ?

Answer Lawn Tennis

Q. When did Maria Sharapova leave her home for training of tennis ?

Answer – When she was nine years old

Q. How many brothers does Santosh Yadav have ?

Answer – Five

Q. Where did Santosh Yadav go for college studies ?

Answer – Maharani College at Jaipur

Q. Where did Santosh Yadav get a room while she was in the college ?

Answer – In Kasturba Hostel in front of the Aravali Hills

Q. Where did Santosh Yadav do the course of mountaineering ?

Answer – Uttarkashi’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Q. How much garbage did she collect from the Himalayas ?

Answer – 500 Kg

Questions from If I Were You.

Maria Sharapova from Reach for the Top

Q. What was Maria Sharapova fond of ?

Answer – Colourful clothes

Q. When did Maria Sharapova bag ladies’ singles crown at Wimbledon ?

Answer – In 2004

Q. When did she become world’s no. 1 in women’s tennis ?

Answer – In 2005

Q. When did she win ladies’ singles crown again ?

Answer – On 22nd August 2005

Q. How long did Maria Sharapova remain away from her mother ?

Answer – For two years

Q. When did Maria Sharapova go to bed ?

Answer – At 8:00 p.m.

Q. Which country does Maria Sharapova  want to represent in the Olympics ?

Answer – Russia

Q. Who had said the following words ,” I work hard at what I do. It’s my job. ” ?

Answer – Maria Sharapova

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