Objective Type Questions from The Bond of Love

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from The Bond of Love by Kenneth Anderson for the benefit of 9th class students – Book name is Beehive

The Bond of Love

Q. Who is the writer of the story The Bond of Love ?

Answer – Kenneth Anderson

Q. Where did the writer find the bear cub ?

Answer – When he was passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore.

Q. What is name of writer’s wife’s pet bear ?

Answer – Bruno

Q. Why had Bruno suffered a paralysis attack ?

Answer – Because of poison

Q. Whose name is Baba ?

Answer – Bruno

Q. Where does the writer send Bruno to ?

Answer – Zoo in Mysore

Q. Who made the request to the superintendent of the zoo ?

Answer – Writer’s wife

Q. What request did she make to the superintendent of the zoo ?

Answer – To return Bruno to her

Q. Who had presented bear cub to the writer’s wife ?

Answer – Writer

Q. What was the food of Bruno ?

Answer – Bottle-milk, fruit, rice and potatoes

Q. Whom did Bruno attach to ?

Answer – Two Alsatian dogs

Q. What poison did the writer use to kill rats and mice ?

Answer – Barium carbonate

Q. What happened to Bruno at the second occasion ?

Answer – Bruno drank one gallon of engine oil

Q. What is the meaning of Pet ?

Answer – Tame

Q. What is meaning of Wantonly ?

Answer – Without any good reason

Q. Who shot at Bruno ?

Answer – Writer’s companion

Q. What is the meaning of relish ?

Answer – Taste

Q. What is the meaning of Conjecture ?

Answer – Guess

Q. Whom did the people drive away by shooting ?

Answer – Pigs

Q. What is the meaning of soda water ?

Answer – Aerated water

These objective type questions from The Bond of Love with answers are very important for 9th class students. If you want us to add more or edit something, you can write to us using comment box below.

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