IB ACIO Tier 1 Answer Key 15th Oct 2017 - Intelligence Bureau Cut Off

The aspirants who have taken 15/10/2017 IB ACIO Grade II and Executive Exam today can check their exam answer key below.

This post contains solution for English Portion. We thank Navya Coaching Academy, Narwana ( Haryana) for providing the questions. This centre provides best coaching for Banking, SSC, HSSC, HTET and so on.

English Paper Solved of IB ACIO 15th Oct Exam

Q. What is the meaning of " To decamp ?'

Answer - To leave suddenly

Q. Wrong Pair -

a. Discreet : Separate b. Gamut : Whole c. Exacerbated : Increased d. Allude : Escape

Answer - d.

Q. Incorrect Pair -

a.  Elude : Dodge b. Forbear : ?

Answer - This question is incomplete

Q. Who will be devil's advocate ?

Answer - A counter argument presenter

Q. Meaning of - Satish heard it from the horse's mouth ?

Answer - From an authoritative source

Q. Suresh is seated beside Sita.

Q. Incorrect Pair -

Answer - Singularly : Individually

Q. What is lately in the following sentence - I haven't studied a lot lately.

Answer - Adverb

Q. Choose the correct sentence ?

Answer - Computers save time.

Q. Incorrect sentence -

Answer - Is any of the pizza left ? ( Pizzas)

Q.Choose the correct one -

1. Either Satish or Sejal takes out garbage

2. Each of these prescriptions have side effects. ( instead of have use has. )

Answer - First sentence is correct and 2nd is incorrect.

Q. Incorrect form of verb -

Answer - When will you bring you're pictures to work ? ( your pictures )

Q. I will hear her speak on Friday night about ..........

Q. Incorrect/ Incomplete sentence -

Answer - The children in the park, including all those on the swings.

Q. Nest is to bird ? Irrelevant sentence -

Answer - Wine is to bees

Q. Opposite of Lascivious -

Answer - Chaste

Q. Meaning of Repercussion --

Answer - Reaction

Q. Would you like to go to an Italian restaurant tonight ?

Q. Excuse me, what is time please ?

Q. He likes reading. He is a voracious reader.


Answer - I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.

Q. Meaning of to make a clean breast -

Answer - To confess everything.

Q. One who is not easy to correct ?

Answer - Incorrigible

Q. Name the state which the few govern the many -

Answer - Oligarchy

Our viewers can also share more questions with us. We shall give you the IB ACIO Grade 2 Expected Cut off very soon.

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