IB ACIO Tier 1 Answer Key – Intelligence Bureau Cut Off

The aspirants who have taken 2021-2022-2023 IB ACIO Grade II and Executive Exam today can check their exam answer key below.

Update Feb 2021 –

The MHA has announced to fill 2000 posts of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer, Grade 2/ Executive in Intelligence Bureau, Govt of India. There shall be online tests ( Tier 1 and Tier 2 ) followed by an Interview. The candidates can apply from 25th of Feb 2021. The result/ cut off and answer key will be available on this page.

This post contains solution for English Portion. We thank Navya Coaching Academy, Narwana ( Haryana) for providing the questions. This centre provides best coaching for Banking, SSC, HSSC, HTET and so on.

English Paper Solved of IB ACIO Exam

Q. What is the meaning of ” To decamp ?’

Answer – To leave suddenly

Q. Wrong Pair –

a. Discreet : Separate b. Gamut : Whole c. Exacerbated : Increased d. Allude : Escape

Answer – d.

Q. Incorrect Pair –

a.  Elude : Dodge b. Forbear : ?

Answer – This question is incomplete

Q. Who will be devil’s advocate ?

Answer – A counter argument presenter

Q. Meaning of – Satish heard it from the horse’s mouth ?

Answer – From an authoritative source

Q. Suresh is seated beside Sita.

Q. Incorrect Pair –

Answer – Singularly : Individually

Q. What is lately in the following sentence – I haven’t studied a lot lately.

Answer – Adverb

Q. Choose the correct sentence ?

Answer – Computers save time.

Q. Incorrect sentence –

Answer – Is any of the pizza left ? ( Pizzas)

Q.Choose the correct one –

1. Either Satish or Sejal takes out garbage

2. Each of these prescriptions have side effects. ( instead of have use has. )

Answer – First sentence is correct and 2nd is incorrect.

Q. Incorrect form of verb

Answer – When will you bring you’re pictures to work ? ( your pictures )

Q. I will hear her speak on Friday night about ……….

Q. Incorrect/ Incomplete sentence –

Answer – The children in the park, including all those on the swings.

Q. Nest is to bird ? Irrelevant sentence –

Answer – Wine is to bees

Q. Opposite of Lascivious –

Answer – Chaste

Q. Meaning of Repercussion —

Answer – Reaction

Q. Would you like to go to an Italian restaurant tonight ?

Q. Excuse me, what is time please ?

Q. He likes reading. He is a voracious reader.


Answer – I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.

Q. Meaning of to make a clean breast –

Answer – To confess everything.

Q. One who is not easy to correct ?

Answer – Incorrigible

Q. Name the state which the few govern the many –

Answer – Oligarchy

Our viewers can also share more questions with us. We shall give you the IB ACIO Grade 2 Expected Cut off 2021- 2022-2023 very soon.

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