Interjection – Examples of It in Common Sentences and Narration

What is interjection ? – Give examples of it and also write some sentences ( simple and narration ) carrying interjections

Interjection –

It is a word that shows some immediate feelings.  This sentence ends with sign of exclamation ( ! ). Hurrah !, Alas !, How ! etc. are some of interjections.

Example sentences –

Hurrah ! We have won the match.

Hurrah ! I have passed this time.

Alas ! I am ruined.

Alas ! His father has died.

What ! He is a thief.

What stupid you are !

How beautiful she is !

How tall he was !

Well done ! You have done a good job.

Well done ! You have passed this time.

Ah ! I have lost my money.

Ah ! We have failed this time.

Bravo ! You have got success this time.

Bravo ! You have won, my boys.

Fie ! You and murderer.

Fie ! She and cheater.

Word of Interjection are also used in Reporting Speech –

Here you will get the examples of interjections in a Narration

She said, ” What a misery ! ”

The children say, ” How stuffy the bread is ! ”

They said to me, ” Hurrah ! Their friends have come. ”

She will say, ” How beautiful the Taj is ! ”

The people said , ” Bravo ! Well played, Ram. ”

The teacher said, ” You have done a tremendous job, children. ”

The farmer said, ” Alas ! I am destroyed. ”

He said, ” Ah ! I have lost my only friend. ”

She said, ” Ah ! I have injured my leg. ”

He said, ” O that I were a king ! ”

She said, ” Oh dear ! I have split coffee here. ”

They say, ” Ugh ! I do not like him. ”

She said, ” Ah ! I have lost the game. ”

They said, ” Nonsense ! ”

She said, ” Enough is enough ! ”

Sita said, Oh, what a chance ! ”

She said, ” Ugh ! You smell bad. ”

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