Objective Type Questions from The Treasure Within

Learn very short questions/ objective type questions with each and every question’s answers/ solution from The Treasure Within – Useful links for the students of 8th class

Objective Type Questions from The Treasure Within

Q. What is the full form of HC ?

Answer – Hafeez Contractor.

Q. What is the full form of BR ?

Answer – Bela Raja.

Q. Whose editor is Bela Raja ?

Answer – Editor of Sparsh, a news letter from the Resource Centre.

Q. What is the meaning of nightmare ?

Answer – Frightening dream.

Q. What is the meaning of pasyche ?

Answer – Mentality.

Q. Who talked with Hafeez Contractor ?

Answer – The Principal

Q. How many minutes had the Principal ?

Answer – For Five minutes

Q. How was Hafeez Contractor in sports ?

Answer – He was a very good sports man.

Q. What is the meaning of caning ?

Answer – Beating.

Q. How was he in his studies ?

Answer – Not good.

Q. Does he have father ?

Answer – No.

Q. Who had brought him up and paid all his fees ?

Answer – Mother.

Q. Who had uttered these words, ” Now you should rise to the occasion and study. ” ?

Answer – The Principal.

Q. How many marks had he got in his SSC ?

Answer – 50 per cent.

Q. Which game had Hafeez Contractor and his friend played for one hour ?

Answer – Chor police.

Q. When would they see the movie into town ?

Answer – Every Saturday.

Q. Who would buy the tickets for the students ?

Answer – Hafeez Contractor.

Q. Who was the leader of the gang ?

Answer – Hafeez Contractor.

Q. What did he want to join ?

Answer – The army.

Q. Who had torn his admission letter ?

Answer – His aunt.

Q. What had his mother told him ?

Answer – Just do graduation.

Q. Where had Hafeez Contractor gone to do his graduation ?

Answer – Jaihind College in Bombay ( Mumbai ).

Q. What is the meaning of defied ?

Answer – Broke

Q. What type of writing is this ?

Answer – Hafeez Contractor’s autobiography

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