Chanakya – A Great Diplomat – Brief Biography

Whenever there is the mention of one of the greatest diplomats of the world, the one who had defeated the weapons by his wit, whose policies were always fool proof, the mind goes to Chanakya, Acharya Chanakya. It was he who had influenced the masses with the potency in his writing.

It was he who won the hearts of the people of the world with his great feats. Truly he is called the father of politics and policies in India. His birth name was Vishnugupta. But later he became famous as Kautilya.

Chanakya - A Great Diplomat

Chanakya was born to a brahmin family at Takshila. It was a poverty stricken family. They would live in a hut. His father’s name was Chanak. From his birth, Chanakya was determined, and obedient to his parents. It is said that once his mother told him, ” Son, One day you will become a great personality of the country. You will rule the country. But my son! It is but natural that a son deserts the mother after holding big position.

Now the mother’s tone was grave when she asked him,” Now tell me if you will leave me. ” Chanakya asked why she was talking non-sense. The mother said jokingly that one of the front teeth had some sigh that indicates that. Immediately Chanakya lifted a stone lying nearby and broke his tooth. It moved the mother and she blessed him saying that the coming generations would take his name with respect.

It was Chanakya’s scholarship, resolution, cleverness and prowess that helped him in converting an orphan and banal child in to the Emperor of India. And this child was Chandragupta. Everybody knows how Chandragupta became nuisance for the Yavans and established a great empire.

Family’s troubles couldn’t stop this great man of determination to move ahead. Two square of meals were not sure for him. He would, most of the times, get one square of meals.

There was only one passion in him and that was to unify the scattered country and make one and integrated India. His main aim was to see the Yavans defeated.

Chanakya- One of the Greatest Diplomats of the World – Short Essay

Chanakya had seen the tyranny caused to Indians by the soldiers of Sikandar. He saw the Yavans burn the villages and kidnap the women folk of those villages. He resolved to fight against this cruelty of the Greeks.

For that he left his home in search of somebody who could do that for him. He reached Patliputra ( now known as Patna ) Magadh which was ruled by King Ghanananda. The king insulted Chanakya and made him leave his court. It was a great insult of the scholar. He took water in his hand and resolved to take revenge for his insult.

On his way back, he was passing through a village. He saw many children playing there. One of them was extraordinary. He was leading other children in the game. Chanakya found in him the thing he was searching for. The boy was Chandragupta. He called the child to him and asked him to take him to his parents.

Chandragupta was not the real son the Brahmin with whom he used to live. In reality he was the son of the Mayurvansh King who ruled Mayur Nagar. Chanakya took him to his ashram and taught him how to wield weapons and very soon he became expert in it.

After that Chandragupta made a small army and attacked Magadh. He wiped out Nanda clan and became the king of the kingdom. Then he defeated Cellulus and killed a great no of Yavans. Cellulus had  to do treaty with him and married his daughter Helen with him. In this way Chandragupta was successful in ruling the whole of Bharta.

Chanakya himself became the Chief Minister and guided the king in political and diplomatic matters. But he never gave up the simplicity. He still used to live in the hut.

Education is the best friend, an educated person gets respect everywhere.

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Chanakya had penned down World famous book called Chanakya Niti. This book can be called the Indian Bible for Diplomacy and policies. Every thought in the book is worth reading. See the example below –

वरमेको गुणी पुत्रो निर्गुणै च शतैरपि।
एकश्चंद्रास्त्मो हन्ति न च ताराः सहस्रशः।।

Translation – It is better to have one Meritorious son than hundreds of worthless ones. It is just like a moon alone can remove the darkness thousands of starts can’t.

The masterpiece of Chanakya is Arthshastra which is still relevant in this modern age. This book is known as the first book of Politics. This book tells about the relationship between the king and the subject, system in the villages.

If people follow the thoughts and policies of this great man, there shall be the happiness, peace and prosperity all around. We get energy from his sublime thoughts even today. His immense contribution to the Indian Culture will be unforgivable forever.

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