CISCE New Scheme of Marks - ISC 2016 Exam Pattern

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ( CISSE ) has made some amendments in the Scheme of Marks for the 2016 ISC ( Indian School Certificate ) Exam. There is the change in the division of marks. As per the previous system, marks were divided between theory and practical exam in the ratio of 50-50.

Now the theory paper/ Practical Paper shall be in the division of 70-30 ratio. It means the theory exam shall be of 70 marks whereas Practical Exam shall be of 30 Marks. The change in the mark system will affect the subjects having practicals. These subjects are - Computer Science, Physical Education, Indian Classical Music ( Hindustani ), Indian Classical Music ( Carnatic Style ) , Western Music and Fashion Designing.

The Theory and Practical Exams shall have the same duration i.e. 3 hrs each. We must tell you that ISC Exam is held every year in 55 Subjects including 15 Indian Languages, 3 Classical Languages and 8 Foreign Languages.

The New Marks Distribution system has been adopted after getting suggestions from various agencies and intellectuals. The Information to this effect has been sent to the concerned schools. It is now up to the schools to convey this message to the students concerned.

There are over 2,000 schools across the country affiliated to CISCE and ISCE. Lakhs of students are getting quality education in them. The Syllabi of CISCE affiliated schools are considered tougher than those of other Boards' affiliated schools.

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