English Sentences related with Business & Dealings

We are providing you some of the very important sentences related with day-to-day dealings and Businesses. Such sentences shall certainly instill you with confidence during the interactions with the customers, shop-keepers and people. So get ready to read, consumeĀ  and digest them.

English Sentences related with Business & Dealings First of all here are some sentences related with various Dealings –

1. Count your money, please.

2. I am hard up these days. ( shortage of money).

3. I am running out of funds. ( run out – finish)

4. Death pays all debts.

5. Settle the wages / salary.

6. We don’t lend as it causes problem in the relationship.

7. How much is the cash in hand for the business ?

8. Give the girls Rs 10 /- each.

9. Deposit the money in the bank.

10. How to make the bill – in cash or by cheque ?

11. He is not after money.

12. What is your occupation ?

13. How is the job/ business going on ?

14. Keep the accounts clear forĀ  further transactions.

15. Have you got your wages ?

A few sentences related with Business –

16. He is under debt.

17. Money begets money, that’s why the rich are becoming richer day-by-day.

18. How much does this book cost ?

19. Does he have any dealings with you ?

20. He has got the cheque encashed ?

21. My business is flourishing these days.

22. They have signed a deal.

23. He has wound up his old business. ( closed permanently)

24. He deals in sugar. ( sugar related business )

25. How much is the bill, please ?

26. Do you have the change ?

27. Keep the change with yourself ?

28. Have you invested in the share-market ?

29. Are you in job or business ?

30. We take money in advance.

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