Boost your Confidence – Some Tips

I can’t speak before such a big audience ……… Interview – even the mention of this word makes me shudder and perspire ………… What a great speaker Narendra Modi is ! I wish I could have spoken like him …..

Telephonic Conversation – Part 1 ( Talking on Phone)

Telephonic conversation is an integral part of Speaking in the modern world. It requires a lot of practice to be confident while undergoing conversation on telephone/ mobile. There are two things which are very important while talking on telephone. First

Agricultural Economics Course – Check Universities, Scope

The students have the following queries regarding ” Agriculture Economics” – What is it’s scope? or Which universities offer Agriculture Economics Course ? Where can I pursue Agricultural Economics Course from ? or Career option after doing this course ?

Haryana General Knowledge Practice Paper – 10

The Recruitment Exams in Haryana at their peak. No Sunday goes without HSSC Screening Test for one posts or the other. Many Exams have been held and still many are left to be held in the upcoming days. Being one

Questions on Time & Distance – Maths Practice Set

There are two or three questions on Time and Distance in any of the competitive exams. Math is a compulsory part of any of the exams by SSC/IBPS/States’ Boards and Commissions. So here is one practice set for Time and

English Sentences related with Weather & Seasons

Every country and place has different weathers and seasons. In India, the weather is very hot in summer season and very cold in winter. It is pleasant in rainy season. In European and American countries, the winters are very harsh

Important English Sentences Related with Health

In this article, we are providing Sentences related with health. In life time, everyone of us has health  issues. Almost every day we have one or other health related problem that forces us to go to the doctor. Therefore, the

Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones – A Short Essay

Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones – A Short Essay – Prepare Essay on Role/Importance of Mobiles / Cell Phones An extra-ordinary invention of modern era, a concept from the fairy tales, mobiles have changed the mode of communication

How to inculcate reading habits among Youngsters ?

Reading makes one a complete universal human being – said RN Tagore. This statement clearly shows the importance of Reading. But unfortunately 25% of the total educated young people take interest in regular reading ( as per National Book Trust

US Spelling Bee Contest Important Words for Years to Come

In 2016 US Spelling Bee Contest, Indian Americans have once again proved their mettle by clinching the Trophy. Two Indian-American students Nihar, a 5th Grade student from Austin and Jairam, a 7th Grade student from Painted Post, New York were

Child Psychology Specialist – Course & Scope

What are the Job Prospects for Child Psychology Specialists? Tell me the areas where Child Psychology Specialists required? Where to do PG in Psychology ? These are the questions a no of people put and want to know the answer

Name of Universities offering M.Phil, PhD in Psychology

Please tell me where can I do M.Phil/PhD in Psychology from ? Which universities offer M.Phil/PhD in Psychology ? If you want to know the answers of these questions, you are at the right page. There are no of students

Hindi Practice Paper for HSSC Written Exams – Set 2

Download Practice Papers for Haryana Govt Job Exams We have already published one Hindi Practice Set for our readers for the upcoming HSSC Exams. And a lot of them have shown satisfaction with our efforts. Besides we have been receiving

Why is Reading important? Read Advantages

Reading is one of the four skills of any language learning. In learning English and getting proficiency in this language also, these four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – are important. Reading is considered simplest of all these

Latest Haryana GK and Current Affairs Practice Set – 9

In this blog of ours, we are providing some latest Haryana GK along with Current Affairs. Hope that shall help you in enhancing your knowledge regarding Haryana and also in the upcoming exams of yours. So get ready to undergo

Determiners Practice Set 1- Important Sentences

In the previous post of ours, we had told you about the Usage of Determiners along with their types and examples. Read the Usage of Determiners from here. In this post we shall provide you the Practice Set for Determiners.

HSSC Written Exam Practice Paper – 4

A no of exams have taken place and there are more tests to take place in future. The commission has already conducted the exams for Teaching posts like TGT and PGT, Patwari, and other so many posts. The upcoming exams

Improve Reasoning – Questions on Series

A no of questions on Series from the Reasoning Part are asked in all the papers whether conducted by SSC, IBPS, and other central or state organizations. So it is in the fitness of the things, that examinees must do